IVORY – F1 Goldendoodle – AVAILABLE

NAME:  Ivory

DOB:  08/26/18

BREED:  F1 Goldendoodle

GENDER:  Female

READY:  11/26/18


Wow, what striking puppy we have here!

This adorable F1 Goldendoodle girl, with her silky soft white coat and adoring eyes, melts the hearts of everyone who meets her. 

Ivory likes to observe her souroundings and playing with her littermates, and just loves to be held and cuddled. She enjoys playing fetch and tug but laying at your side and getting her tummy rubbed is her favorite thing ever.

Ivory and her sister Ebony have been carefully selected for our Elite Puppies Program and are being trained and raised FOR YOU so you can bring home an amazing family companion without any of the work.

Ivory is planned to graduate on November 26th on our 4-week program, but you can extend her program to Christmas and bring her home as the perfect family gift.

On the 4-week program Ivory will come home potty trained, crate trained, leash trained, socialized, and she will know 15 commands and behaviors! She also will be trained not to jump up, potty inside, bite the kids, bark at the door, chew your shoes, or destroy your plants.

And if you are looking for your next Service dog, Ivory has been temperament tested for service/therapy work and has passed with flying colors! This makes her an amazing candidate for service work and therapy work and she will be ready to start the important stuff when she comes home!

Contact us to learn more about our training program and find out what this beautiful puppy will know when you welcome her home.

And discover why a trained puppy may be the best thing you will ever have.

Contact us by calling or texting (801) 822-9877 or email us directly at happytailsdogsutah@gmail.com

We are excited to hear from you, and Ivory says “hi!”